Why You Should Send Your Pal A Virtual Care Package Right Now

June 19, 2020

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Why You Should Send Your Pal A Virtual Care Package Right Now

Connecting intimately with close friends who live further than a few KM’s away is near impossible right now. Depending on where you live, it may even be impossible to connect within your own city. In Covid times, hopping on a plane or taking a trip to visit a pal on a whim isn’t spontaneous and caring; it’s actually pretty risky. 

So what is there to do when a friend is in need of a little extra love and support? With breakup rates seemingly soaring right now, and the mental health of many facing all time rocky roads, our pals need us more than ever–and us them.

Sometimes virtual hugs just ain’t enough. So, for that reason exactly, we’ve assembled a virtual care package plan. Here are our top recs to provide links to, in eloquent email form of course:


A custom Spotify playlist. 

Include that tune you screamed your heads off to in the middle of the club after a breakup in undergrad. Or a couple of old Iron & Wine songs that always have a way of calming your nerves before a big presentation. Curate a mix of moods, or one big one.


Link to a local wellness product you love. 

Choose a silky serum that also looks nice on any bathroom countertop, or a luxurious cream to indulge in after a long day. Something your pal can purchase online easily. Better yet–purchase credit for them on the chosen site as a surprise to pair with your product pick. 


A good for the soul podcast.

Podcasts like I Love Wellness, Almost 30, or Raw Beauty Talks are all good listens that enrich solo walks, or kitchen cleans. Pick one that really lifts you up when you’re feeling down.


An inspiring blog. 

What’s the blog that makes you feel instantly refreshed and inspired after you read an excerpt or two? One that’s perhaps paired with some beautiful photography and good storytelling to snuggle up with before bed? Send a link to that one; a sure win. 


A simple, what’s-in-your-cupboard-right-now recipe.

Think an upgraded breakfast tea recipe, or a simple dessert that doesn't require baking, just mixing. A quick pick-me-up in times of need.


A photo of the two of you + personalized message.

Pick an old photo that will invoke some nostalgia, and pair it with a simple message to sign off your virtual care package email. 


Invite to a Zoom date night. 

It would be a shame to end the fun there. Invite your pal to a Zoom dinner date on, say, Taco Tuesday. Check out local restaurants in their area for cocktail kits–chances are you can actually send over a ready to assemble cocktail to add to your date night. 


A note on self-care:

Self-care isn’t only found in concrete form. The practice mustn't always mean taking a bath, or signing up for a spa treatment. It can be as simple as a good song–an insightful podcast, or even reading a good quote that really resonates. Moments, rather than routines. 


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