Natural PMS HACKS that won’t cramp your style

Eliana Grace
March 9, 2021

Part 1 of a 4 part series on Period Pain Relief | Topicals

Will a CBD or THC program help to relieve period cramps? 

We are equally as fed up with dealing in these monthly, crippling pains as we are in hearing that there is one cannabinoid product that is the miracle cure for all we experience this or that time of the lunar cycle. 

For this Women’s Month dedicated series, we decided to dig deep into the world of CBD and THC products currently available for treating period pains. What we have discovered is a comprehensive program, a highly effective combination of three different approaches to managing those sleepless nights and to reducing the number of hours we spend curled up in a ball begging for anything to make our pain go away. Just say no to any more screaming the likes of ‘leave me alone’, ‘get out of my body’, or ‘get away from me’.




This ever-shrinking globe is abound with women who will attest to the fact that there isn’t one single antidote- natural or synthetic, that will without fail, put these cramps in their place once and for all. If there was, these words would likely have no audience. But here we are, another month past, another month that has without fail, left many of us looking for answers. 

Let’s consider this then as an inexhaustible part in-parcel of being a blessed woman, a monthly undertaking, a period cramp program if you will. Each part of this four-part series will be discussing a variety of delivery mechanisms, fast-acting measures, long term preventatives, and ritualistic ‘prescriptions’, all while exploring the related effects that the different products and combinations thereof, have to offer. For those of you that are reading this with a sense of urgency (i.e. struggling to even string two words together while a tightening, burning agony accompanies you with every breath), we are starting the series off for you- with a focus on fast-acting pain relief, one that currently takes the form of 1:1 THC:CBD topicals. 


What is a 1:1 (THC:CBD) Topical? 

1:1 topicals are made with an equal and balanced ratio of THC and CBD (tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol). Much has been written on the healing and reparative effects of CBD, notably, in the treatment of anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation and pain. Demonstrated to help promote muscle relaxation these pain sticks work by activating the endocannabinoid system, binding to tissue level cell receptors and thereby alleviating the tortuous, paralyzing sensations of period cramps and other PMS. 

In the many known chemical compounds or cannabinoids found in cannabis, the other one most hyped is THC. Though often identified solely for its psychotropic effects (while, of course, if in pursuit of getting high), THC, like its CBD comrade, also possesses a wealth of pain relieving benefits. Well-supported research suggests there to be additional therapeutic advantages when consuming the two together. This synergistic interaction of cannabinoids is often referred to as the entourage effect, and it is understood that better results are achieved than when consuming solely CBD or THC. 

Are 1:1 Topicals fast acting for period cramp relief? 

By applying these transdermal pain sticks locally and directly to the pain epicenter, you can target the source area quickly and effectively. Try giving the lower abdomen and lower back areas a gentle massage after the pain stick has been applied, to facilitate the formula’s penetration and to further sooth the period cramps. Straight from the horse’s mouth - the results are incredibly fast acting and surprisingly alleviating. I was back to bed within about 15 minutes post-application. *For those who develop tender or swollen breasts, these pain sticks apparently also work wonders when applied by the same method to the chest area.


Birch + Fog Pain Relief Stick


One of the most popular topicals in the arsenal is the Birch and Fog 1:1 pain stick, available in heating and cooling varieties. Don’t let the 1:1 ratio fool you. Though there is THC in these pain sticks, the psychoactive effects (in terms of the perception of being high) are virtually nonexistent when applied directly to the skin. 

This signature formulation bestows an intense analgesic topical in two unique experiences: Deep Heat Spicy Mint and Ice Cool Peppermint. These hero pain relief sticks feature essential oils and antioxidants that help to soothe deep aches and muscle pain, swelling and sprains. 125mg of CBD: 125mg of THC are found in each of the 1oz sticks, alongside of other naturally healing ingredients such as calendula, arnica and Montana oil- all praised as mother earth friendly anti-inflammatories. The deep heat version feels similar to a tiger balm as when applied to achy muscles, and the ice cool option- reminiscent of sucking back a menthol infused cough drop on a brisk winter walk. Which sensation will you choose? 


Does CBD oil help PMS headaches and period induced mind-melts? 

CBD oil has shown promise in treating headaches caused from PMS, migraine and tension. Relief is quick to come by when it is applied topically to the forehead, inner wrists, temples, bottom of the feet or back of the neck. The Me First Unclouded CBD Headache Relief Roller is a real keeper, and its portable, compact size means you can even fit it into the pockets of your tightest denim. The roller ball applicator delivers a powerful blend of ingredients sure to melt your tension away. Stay hydrated of course, and jump at the option to recline, dim the lights, and ease the pressure while in a horizontal state.


MeFirst Unclouded Roller



If you have ever menstruated or continue to do so, there is a high probability that you have at least once, endured incomparable pain. Are you yet to try these fast acting THC and CBD topicals? Believe you me, period cramp relief can start from the outside, and as more of these cannabinoid friendly topicals continued to be developed, I can more cautiously start to uncurl. 

Stay tuned- In the coming weeks we will continue to explore alternative period relief products and their different delivery mechanisms- the goal- to create a comprehensive, user tested, monthly program, one that will holistically and with great care, make crushing these darn cramps possible.

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