My Moments: Yalda Shaygy

Hailey Patterson
March 11, 2020


Yalda Shaygy

Yalda Shaygy is the founder and CEO of the brand ROSÉ Toronto, the organic beauty oil company based in Canada. Raised by an abusive mother and the victim of domestic violence, Yalda Shaygy personifies the importance of self-care in creating the life she believed she deserves. Today, she is the mother of two beautiful children and is realizing her entrepreneurial dream - ethically. All Rosé products are cruelty free, organic, sustainable, free-trade and locally made. They contain certified organic, plant-based oils, using a cold-pressed extraction method, ensuring that the nutrients are not compromised. 
Why is self-care important to you?

Self-care and self-love is something I only recently gave myself full permission to practice. I’ve accepted that it’s okay to take care of myself and needs and not feel guilty about it. Choosing my own well-being over damaging relationships and situations is a conscious decision I make every day and setting healthy boundaries that protect my mental health and happiness is a priority for me.

The most liberating thing I’ve ever done was to stop seeking the approval from others and to create a life where I am the most authentically genuine version of myself. It is so important to love yourself because if you do not love yourself, it will be extremely hard to love anyone or anything.

Describe your self-care ritual.

My self-care rituals are very important to me. A spiritual and consistent morning and evening routine helps me stay grounded, especially when my mind is at war.

Now when I begin my day and look in the mirror, I try to give myself at least one compliment. It’s important to switch off the negative thoughts we have when we see our reflection and try to focus on what we like about ourselves rather then the things we don’t. Manifestation is an integral part of my self-care routine, as I imagine all the things I believe I deserve and I tell myself that they are within reach.

Incorporating crystals, sage and meditation into my rituals allows me to create a comfortable environment. Regardless of their measurable effects, they have helped alleviate anxiety and stress and has played a big role in my self-care journey.

What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Every morning when I wake up I give myself a couple minutes to just lay in bed and absorb any thoughts I may have. I like to think about a couple things that I like about my life and myself before starting off my day. Some days this can be harder than others, but it’s important to push past the urge to skip this daily reflection, as it does actually help set the mood for the day.
“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha
"My best advice I can give is to include your children in your journey, let them watch and be involved."
Yalda mothering like a boss.
What was the last thing you did before you went to sleep last night?

Every night before I go to bed I like to go into my children’s bedroom and kiss them while they are sleeping.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  It also helps remind me how precious they are, even if they drive me nuts half the time!

What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness to me is the persistent pursuit of good holistic health.

The Birch + Fog ethos is that we exist to empower the modern woman to “experience more of the moments that matter” through our everyday wellness products. What are your “moments that matter”?

At the end of the day when I see my children laugh and play freely I think those are the moments that I cherish the most. Their freedom and happiness make me feel accomplished. It is important to me to create an environment for them where they can be free to express themselves and not feel judged.

My fiancé and my best friend, Chris, has brought so much happiness into my life. I enjoy the moments where we are completely ourselves and laugh together. I appreciate that he loves to see me happy and I adore watching him play with my sons. It is a beautiful thing to watch a man treat and love your children like their own. We are very blessed to have him in our lives.
"At the end of the day when I see my children laugh and play freely I think those are the moments that I cherish the most. Their freedom and happiness make me feel accomplished. It is important to me to create an environment for them where they can be free to express themselves and not feel judged."

What are your favorite supplements, herbs, and healthy necessities?

  • For my anxiety and sleeping issues I like to use CBD Oil (Balm 2 the Soul) locally made by my friend Amanda.
  • Magnesium is also a great sleeping aid.
  • Basil – Eating basil helps keep my skin looking flawless. Could be because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant.
  • Tomato salad – I find my skin breaks out if I don’t eat my regular dose of tomatoes each day. Sounds silly but it’s true! Bonus: tomatoes are delicious.

What is one wellness trend we’ll never see you try?

Juice Diets - A proper well-balanced diet is what the body need to regulate your body weight. I stress “your” because everybody is different and beautiful in its own way. Eating regularly and proper exercise will give you a healthy body and mind, rather than trying to cleanse your body with a harsh routine like a juice diet.

Do you use CDB or cannabis for wellness? If so, for what, and how does CBD make you feel?

Can I be honest? I enjoyed a little weed here and there. It’s not something I do daily but I’m not going to sit here and lie – I like marijuana and it shouldn’t be a taboo subject anymore.

CBD on the other hand is something I take almost daily. My friend, Amanda, founder of “Balm 2 the Soul” gave me a bottle of her CBD oil and it does seem to work for my anxiety and help me sleep better.

"After some research, I felt I could make a better face oil myself."
Yalda never skips skin day. (Pictured: Rose Organic Face Oil)
How do you take care of yourself on the road?

My self-care routine is something I try not to interrupt. Everything I do at home, I try to do when I’m on the road. I will take all of my skincare products with me if I’m away overnight. Thankfully I don’t need that much!

Is there a product you don’t leave the house without?

Our Rose water face mist – it is my holy grail. It hydrates skin and also has a calming effect. It’s something I use when I’m feeling anxious or just need to relax or cool down. And it’s not double distilled, meaning the oil from the rose has not been removed, giving my skin a glow. I love it.

What inspired you to create Rose Toronto?

Unfortunately, before I started Rose Toronto I was in an abusive relationship, which I’ve spoken about in length in a separate blog post. Women who have read my story have reached out and asked for advice, which I’ve gladly given them. I’m happy if just one person manages to improve their situation by reading my story – which is why I wrote it.

My /previous partner did not support my legal career and wanted me to be a stay-at-home mother. While staying home with the kids, as a hobby I decided to start an Instagram account that was solely dedicated to fashion and beauty products. It was my way of switching focus and channeling my energy into something positive. Having acne and dry skin, I decided to look around for a product that could help alleviate my symptoms and control my issue. Every makeup tutorial I watched began with a beauty oil being applied before the makeup. This sparked my curiosity.

After some research, I felt I could make a better face oil myself. One that was pure, organic but also elegant. The overuse of chemicals is rampant in the skincare industry, so I focused on finding organic and biologically compatible components. It was important for me to create an effective product that was safe and sustainable. But most importantly, the product development gave me a much-needed sense of purpose outside of my abusive relationship, and aided me in leaving a toxic situation.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of your entrepreneurial journey?

The most rewarding part has to be how proud my son, Maxamillion, is of me. He tells everyone that his mom has a business. When we were at the mall my son looked up at me and said “Mommy, Rose should be in this mall.” I took him into one of the stores that carries our products (Bikini Haus) and his face lit up. I think that is the best part, seeing my son look at me with absolute pride.
How do you balance a busy career as well as a healthy personal life that allows you to experience more of the moments that matter?

This is something that I am actively working on. Finding a balance can be very difficult especially when you have two little boys under the age of 6. Naturally, having a supportive partner really helps create a healthy and flexible environment. A good support system is key to being able to enjoy the moments that matter. A big one is setting boundaries. That means having a limits and time restrictions with respect to emails and social media activity. Turning off work when the kinds are home. This is an especially hard one, especially when your company runs off of social media. Social media never sleeps!

Do you have any advice for women who are trying to establish themselves in business but also be good mothers?

My best advice I can give is to include your children in your journey, let them watch and be involved. This will allow them to understand you and what you are doing. They will be proud of you and offer you support and encouragement. It makes them feel included and loved.

What’s your mantra moment?

While having a bath. Baths are my safe haven.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could tell your younger self?

To love myself and to respect my personal boundaries. I would have told myself to not be so accommodating to others needs instead of my own.

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