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Freedom From Pain: Women, Healing, and CBD

Kat Anderson
October 11, 2019

Photo Credit: https://www.newsweek.com/amplify/7-reasons-behind-your-period-pain-how-switch-it-off

Do you ever stop and think about how crazy it is that we have to deal with periods? Menstruation has got to be the cruelest biological prank ever. Not only does it happen every single month, but it typically lasts an entire work-week. That’s like 2 months of bleeding in the course of a year. Not exactly a summer vacation, am I right ladies?

Between periods, childbirth and menopause, women are constantly facing challenges and owning them. Every female experience teaches us how to deal with our bodies like bosses. As much as we may want to complain about our biological processes, our collective struggles have made us strong AF.

Unfortunately, when our emotions are in a whirlwind and we are curled up on the couch with a tub of ice cream and 4 cans of Pringles, it can be difficult to remember how strong we are. This is where we need a little extra help; a gentle nudge in the form of CBD.


For the cramps

Hell hath no fury like a period cramp. About 90% of reproductive-age women experience pain during their menstrual cycle. That’s practically all of us. One of the reasons why we experience intense pain during our periods is because our uterus (uteruses...uteri? You get it) spent the month plumping up and preparing for a pregnancy. When that doesn’t happen, our bodies flip us the bird by deflating those juicy endometrial tissues and declaring war on our lower abdomens.

This is where CBD comes in. The anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing pain relief of this wonder-plant allows our bodies to overcome cramps in a fast-acting, natural way. You can take pure CBD capsules or rub creams, oils and balms (the Delush CBD Magic Stick literally does magic) directly onto your affected area and feel relief in minutes.

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For the mood swings

When it’s shark week, we tend to embody both the vicious Great White rushing its prey and the resulting blood in the water. The amount of times I have cried over nothing, laughed at inappropriate times or yelled at strangers on the street is downright shocking.

There is growing evidence that CBD can be an effective mood stabilizer. In my own personal experience, it 100% is. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid systems to regulate pain, appetite, sleep and mood. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, regardless of whether or not we consume the plant directly. This means our endocannabinoid system is always working toward keeping us happy and balanced. By introducing CBD to our pre-existing cannabinoids, we simply give the entire system a boost.

Before I discovered the benefits of CBD, my period was unbearable. Cramps? Check. Nausea? Every day. Mood swings? You probably don’t want to stick around and find out. Thanks to the CBD creams, tinctures and oils available on the market, I can now experience my monthly bleed in relative peace. I’m not saying that I look forward to it, but I’m definitely eating less ice cream and biting off less heads.

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