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At Cannalier we meticulously research and perfect every aspect of our products, ensuring the experience you deserve and desire without any surprises. Our dedication is to you and your safety. Every aspect from the oil, terpenes, cartridge, and packaging is carefully considered prior to creation so that our consumers know what to expect – simply and beautifully. Our cartridges are certified with the Verified® Vapes seal of approval, containing no carrier oils, heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents. Made with only organic plant based terpenes and packaged using 100% plastic-free materials, we set the standard for exactly what you should expect from a premium plant-based wellness company.


Created with Northern Lights to relax muscles and aid with sleep.

Without a proper night’s rest, our day to day life becomes an ongoing chore. Let us help you with that. Our Sleep formulation has been curated with delicately chosen Terpenes that have been shown to aid in helping you fall asleep and more importantly, stay asleep. Cannalier has done the hard work so that you can kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour of love. Get the rest you want, you deserve it!

This is for you if you:

Deal with restless leg syndrome

If you suffer from Insomnia

Have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep


Created with Goji OG to elevate your energy and mood

Mornings are tough, we think we can all agree that snooze button is awfully tempting. Cannalier has come up with a solution we feel you will enjoy. Not just for mornings but those moments when we need a little pep in our step. Vitality is our answer to those dilemmas. Carefully chosen, each Terpene works synergistically to perk the body and mind, leaving us refreshed and ready for whatever lies in store.

This is for you if you:

Have low energy in the morning

Need to increase focus


    Created with Blueberry to calm nerves and aid with anxiety

    Our lives are often shrouded in stress. Deadlines to meet, kids to pick up, dinners to be made and a whole array of moments each day that can often leave us stressed out, anxious and unable to focus on how to deal with it all. A moment of tranquillity can often do wonders. Take 10 minutes to yourself and allow your body and mind some inner peace with our stress reducing formulation. You’re worth it!
    Checkout the Tincture!
    This is for you if you:

    Have mild anxiety

    Need to calm your nerves


    Created with Jack Herer to aid with pain and/or nausea

    Let’s face it, we all aren’t getting any younger. No one wants to admit it but there’s no denying those aches and pains we feel after a long day at work. It’s a miserable feeling, one that we think you can do without in your day. Allow us to alleviate your sore muscles or headache with our conscientiously selected pain relieving formulation.

    This is for you if you:

    Suffer from headaches

    Need relief from body aches and muscle soreness
    Checkout our full Tincture lineup

  • In your Harmony

    For health, for sickness, for peace and for harmony. There is a quiet space for you somewhere you can go to find yourself. For all the other spaces, there is Birch + Fog quality quality essential health products.
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