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Why Birch + Fog?

Don’t just join a company, join a cause. We took it into our hands to fix the complexity of the modern self-care market, introducing products designed to mediate the experiences our Birch Divas want most without all the noise and complexity of difficult to understand plant-based ingredients, among other variables. Help us inspire people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, while providing best-in-class service and products based on data and insights focusing on the human at the centre in the experience.


Our Team

Though we each come from different backgrounds, we share a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Between us, we have decades of combined diverse experiences in wellness and technology companies, deepening our understanding of the nuances of different ingredients and products. Learn more about us.


Our Culture & Ethos

At Birch + Fog, every employee is guided by our Leadership Principles – Elevated Experiences (Body), Authentic Interactions (Heart), and Growth Mindset (Mind). Every team member values accountability, transparency, and performance, favouring proactive communication over saving face, and championing outcomes over hours spent working.

Don’t see a position listed, but interested in what we’re doing? We’re always interested in hearing from great talent. Say hello at [email protected].


Current North American Openings

Please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] using the following subject line: [Title of Job Posting You’re Applying To:] First Name, Last Name. 

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