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“The cannabis experience has greatly improved my appreciation for art, a subject which I had never much appreciated before”

– Carl Sagan –

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Our Experiences

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Our Experience Profiles

All of our products are curated based on our Foggers’ lifestyles. Relax, Focus, Refresh, Enhance, Create, and Ignite – what do these mean to you? Read below to learn about why we chose them and what they mean to us.

THC: 19% | CBD: 1-2% | CBN: 0.5-1%


Essential to our well-being and just feels so good. Release tensions in the evening and recharge through the night. One of the more prominent and well-known Experiences, sensations from this collection range from calm and unwinding, to a journey all the way to slumberland.

THC: 17% | CBD: 1-2%


Shine a mental spotlight on the work at hand or concentrate effortless on your to-do list as you sprint through each task. This line offers stimulation with cerebral clarity to just get it done. With each piece of feedback from our functional foggers, we continue to build our arsenal of productivity hacks and products that keep you moving forward.

THC: 15% | CBD: 1-2%


Revitalize both body and mind by washing away the day’s discomforts. Higher CBD content means getting the relief you need but with less (or even none) of the psyhoactive effects. As benefits of CBD are discovered every day, we’re growing our selection to include products used for pain and inflammation relief, increasing energy and reducing anxiety.

THC: 23%


Awaken the visionary inside, liberate your untapped potential, and transform your creations into masterpieces for the world to behold – or just take that world in and see things from new perspectives. Go on a tangent and find your inspiration. For those with a penchant for higher THC content and working best with their head in the clouds.

THC: 13% | CBD: 2%


There’s nothing like the gift of being present. Take your foot off the gas and take in the sights. Let go of the day’s baggage – live in the moment and truly enjoy yourself. Whether it’s enhanced edibles or well-balanced flower that gets you centered, we have what you need to complement the scenery of life.

THC: 21% | CBD: 0.5%


Pleasure sensors firing, sensous sparks flying, pheromones floating and every touch exploding into fiery bliss. Kiss and melt. Self-indulgence is acceptable and encouraged. Take these sultry items for a spin to fuel intimacy or for a gratifying diversion. The collection includes rub-on oils, hot topicals and invigorating flower.

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What is Microdosing?

The concept of micro-dosing refers to the use of stimulants (and other drugs) in minute doses for the purpose of research. This type of dosing method allows for cellular changes to be identified without producing behavioral changes in the subject. When we apply that...

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What are Cannabinoids?

For the purpose of this quick lesson in body chemistry, we are going to focus on two main types of Cannabinoids: Endo & Phyto. Endocannabinoinds refer to chemical compounds the human brain generates to regulate itself through it’s Endocannabinoid System....

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What is CBD?

[cannabidiol] As a therapeutic shining star, CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in Cannabis that is quickly gaining traction for it’s medicinal benefits. Entry-level canna-curious tend to be most comfortable starting their journey with Cannabis here, as...

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What are Terpenes?

Terps! You’ve likely heard this term before and wondered what is was referring to. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds responsible for the smell and flavor of Cannabis, as well as some medicinal properties. Terpenes can be found across all plant species, some common...

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What is the Endocannibinoid System?

Believe it or not, your body is set up right out of the womb to be able to accept cannabinoids because of a biological regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Recently discovered in the early 90’s, stemming from research into the Cannabis plant -...

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What are Trichomes?

The treasure box of Cannabis plants! By definition trichomes are outer appendages that grow on a multitude of plants for the purpose of: reflecting radiation, managing plant temperature, protection from other injurious species, collecting pollen and reducing water...

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a powerful herb historically found in many medications for its bountiful capabilities in treating a myriad of conditions and diseases. There is documentation proving Cannabis Sativa use in early China as treatment for blood clots, tapeworms and even use as...

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What is THC?

[delta9-tetrahydracannabinol] THC puts the ‘dope’ in dopamine – literally! THC is the primary chemical compound responsible for many of cannabis’s psychoactive effects. Its main objective is to stimulate brain cells to create dopamine, your body’s natural ‘feel-good’...

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