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Kloud 9 Full Spectrum Cartridges

$ 44.99

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Compatible with the Vessel pen and 510 thread Batteries

Why We Chose This

The Kloud 9 team knows that not everyone is the same, what may work for one person might not for the other. As such, they have developed a full spectrum line of cartridges. With a full cannabinoid profile, many find these carts to be rather strong! Made using a high grade Essential Resin formulation, it is rather unique on the market. We are constantly working to expand our offerings to exceed your desires. We hope you stay purely elevated!



Premium Lab Tested distillate / extracts


What’s In The Cartridge

Each cartridge contains 0.7 ml of oil containing

  • 500mg tetrahydrocannabinol


Directions/Suggested Use

Screw cartridge into 510 battery. Draw air from top of cartridge. Start with 1 pull and see effects – increase dosage from there.



This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor before using a new product or using a vaping device. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.


Shelf Life/Storage

6 months based on usage. Keep out of sunlight. Store in cool conditions. Keep vape pens in a case to prevent damage.

All disposable pens, cartridges and batteries can be returned for Store Credit if the product is proven to be defective. Please contact [email protected] to speak with an Experience Concierge for further assistance. You can return your items to Birch + Fog within *15 calendar days of receiving your order*.

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25 Jan 2021
April S.

Shipping was MEGA fast. This particular cartridge is quite tasty and gives a nice buzz. I was happy, energetic, and had some fantastic ideas for my Animal Crossing island lol

14 Jan 2021

I prefer the other kind of kloud 9 full Spectrum

14 Jan 2021
Shandra C.

Delivery was fast and the package was inconspicuous, perfect so people don't snoop your stoop. Blue Dream was a great mix of mellow and clam but not in an agressive way causing me to not be able to function. Lasted me about 3 months with on and off use.

07 Jan 2021
Canada Canada
Full Spec Carts - connoisseur grade stuff

Everyday/all day smoker for 20+ years.. People who equate this to distillate are sorely mistaken - this is a totally different product. From my experience you have a few basic types of carts.... 1)THC/CBD distillate (flavourless / odourless) substance with added “terps” - 99% of these offer a very mundane, stripped down high that will keep you satisfy or a while... but eventually you’ll go looking for something else. 2) Honey oil (solvent based)- derived through various means to result in a more “golden” look - retains some terps and feels much more “natural” when consumed compared to distillate w/added terps.. it is procured through means using a solvent being the sticking point. 3) CO2 oil - oils derived using solvent-less extraction (super critical CO2) to result in a semi-spectrum cannabis oil. Tasty but not the upper echelon of carts, imho. .... this is where we see big differences in cannabis concentrates and the resulting vape carts available, again IMHO. 4) FSE Carts (Full spectrum Extract) - whole fresh plant flash frozen, extracted through various methods (solvent and solvent less). This is what I’d say we have here in this example of Kloud 9 Full Spectrum Carts - far better imho than its younger numbers but not to be outdone... 5) HTFSE carts - creme de la creme (imho) - mixed connoisseur grade oils, sauces, diamonds (etc) to result in quite possibly the best ******* thing you’ve discreetly consumed in your life. *** I too am interested in lab results for these carts - when something seems too good to be true it typically is - and if rage bro done the leg work you gotta wonder - if it tastes as good as what I’ve tried without added terps - then **** is ******* choice. **** I wouldn’t offer this to my 20 yr old nephew either - typically takes age to appreciate this type of thing - much like he gets a Backwoods and a Crown Royal while I enjoy a Cohiba and my choice of Scotch.

26 Dec 2020
Jason S.

I think I might have received a dud :( even on the highest heat setting with my Vessel pen, I can’t inhale hard enough to take a drag off of this. It looks like the oil isn’t separating properly when heated.

28 Dec 2020
Birch + Fog

Jason, please message our team on our chat and we will get this resolved for you!

A Birch + Fog Customer
21 Dec 2020
tanya v.

I love shopping online at Birch + Fog. They carry an amazing line of products to choose from especially vegan ones. It's a beautiful website and I always get quick delivery in a beautiful package.

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