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Me First Wellness offers hemp-derived full spectrum hemp extract oil products made to enhance daily life through health improvement and effective pain management. Beautiful CBD products at unbeatable prices.
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  • Me First Sleep Tincture

    Having a hard time sleeping?  Me First's new Sleep Tincture is created with one thing in mind and one thing only - SLEEP. Getting a good night’s rest can completely change the quality of our day to day lives.
    Checkout the Tincture!

  • Me First Calm Tincture

    Need a simple way to relieve stress and anxiety?  Just drop this “CALMing” under the tongue! Me First's Calm Tincture is carefully formulated to relieve tension
    Checkout our Tincture

  • In your Harmony

    For health, for sickness, for peace and for harmony. There is a quiet space for you somewhere you can go to find yourself. For all the other spaces, there is Birch + Fog quality quality essential health products.
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