The Best Plant Based Remedies To Relieve Period Pain

Eliana Grace
March 16, 2021

Part 2 of a 4 part series on Period Pain Relief | Edibles

Will CBD edibles help with my period pain?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, and the healing effects are optimized when
taken as a preventative, on a continuous basis. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in
cannabis, CBD is a natural and effective alternative for those on the hunt for pain relief caused
by menstrual symptoms. In part 2 of 4 from our series on period pain relief, we explore
cannabis edibles- CBD tinctures and CBD capsules, used comparatively to products such as
oregano oil or Vitamin D, or other innumerable dietary supplements.


relieve period pain

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For these cannabidiol edibles, it is understood that the maximum benefits are achieved when
including them as a part of your day to day lifestyle. Last week we discussed topicals and
highlighted the impact they have when turned to as a fast acting analgesic. We have gathered
further success stories, this time diving in to the efficacy of CBD edibles, when used on the
contrary, more regularly and for a more graduated and sustainable form of pain relief. While
edibles containing high levels of THC derivatives have been reported to be ‘working better’, it
is arguable that this is because we more rapidly ‘sense’ their effects, though this could be
directly related to our perception of ‘feeling’ high - hmmmm...they must be doing something.
We could argue that when ingested recurrently, CBD has proven to perform well when out of
the limelight, behind the scenes and somewhat free from the intoxicating effects of the more
attention grabbing cannabinoid- THC. There is no need for fancy inhalation devices or
complicated delivery mechanisms here. Following the manufacturer guidelines for use is
simple- with instructions are as easy peasy as take 1-2 capsules daily before bed, or for
example, in the morning with breakfast.

All Natural CBD capsules for period cramps

Edibles like the signature line of B+F CBD Capsules are golden- we love these little, easy to
swallow miracle workers. They are available in a range of formulas designed for consumption
at dusk or dawn, and to address specific concerns such as sleeplessness, lack of energy or
anxiety- all symptoms that may accompany us on our monthly odyssey. B+F Natural Capsules
are your daily dose of all the benefits of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) in a traditional oral
form. They involve no fuss and no hassle – just consistent, non-psychoactive dosing so you
can get long lasting results.


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When first using any CBD capsules, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the product
ingredient profile, to ensure you are selecting a product made of ingredients you actually want
to consume. A more focused ingredient list allows for you to readily identify the true source of
benefits, or to quickly eliminate any cause of allergies or side effects. The B+F Capsules are
also available by subscription on a 2, 3 and 6 month basis | subscribe now | saving you (bit)
coins and the stresses of a potential out-of-stock alert, one that would arrive to you mid- cycle of
course. Not so fast. The results aren’t instantaneous, but have patience, good things do come to
those who wait. By committing to using these on a daily basis and over the course of a couple of months,
we gratefully discovered a hidden truth- that their effects really are elevated when the capsules
assume the role of period co-pilot, helping you gradually and over time, to best navigate the monthly ebb and flow.

What causes period cramps?

Researchers behind formal clinical studies have amassed their findings on the wide spectrum
pain management capabilities of CBD, with a handful of reports focused specifically on period
cramps. We have collected and filtered through user-stories, chatted at length with women like
ourselves who have shared their experiences of finally having discovered a reliable product for
period pain management. We have communicated these tales not through the analysis of
charts or laboratory diagnostics, but through heartfelt dialogue over soothing teas or fair
weather walks.

Much of the debilitating pain we experience when menstruating has been linked to
inflammation, caused by the release of prostaglandin. These lipids are involved in the
mitigation of injury and illness. They regulate physiological processes including pain-
sensitization, the induction of labour and blood flow. When menstruating, uterine contractions
aid in expelling a lining, a process often triggered by prostaglandin turnout. It has been
determined that women with higher levels of these hormone like substances, may thereby
experience more relentless cramping during their period.


Is CBD a COX-2 inhibitor?

Though the pluses of using CBD to treat cramps still remains noticeably unsubstantiated by the
scientific community, it was recently discovered that CBD may inhibit prostaglandin producing
enzymes- more specifically COX-2. What does that mean for us? COX-2 inhibitors are a type
of NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that include aspirin and ibuprofen. These
COX-2 inhibitors block the COX-2 enzyme at the locus of inflammation and when activated, the
potential for irritation is significantly reduced.

COX-1 enzymes activate platelets and protect stomach lining. As NSAIDs are non-selective or
rather, not picky, they influence both the COX-1 and the COX-2 enzymes. The positive effects
such as the alleviation of pain from COX-2 blocking, are often met with adverse effects from
COX-1 blocking. To top it off, many NSAIDs are not recommended for regular use and their
long term side effects can include headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure and even heart
attack- certainly not worthy trade offs for the temporary relief of period pain. There is a silver
(uterus) lining however- studies have shown that CBD does not affect COX-1 and it is as such,
increasingly recommended as a replacement for other heavy-duty NSAIDs or opioids for use in
treating period pain. Be afraid cramps! We are on to you.

Do CBD or THC tinctures help to reduce period cramps?

Another ally in the ongoing battle against period pain is full spectrum CBD in the form of
sublingual tinctures. Place a few drops under your tongue at the same time each day, and let
the product work wonders in the background. Alternatively, these convenient dropper bottles
easily facilitate the addition of the healing formulas directly into your meals, salad dressings or
even into a cup of sleepy time tea before bed.


Relieve Period Pain


Our favourite tincture is the Yoni Relief Tincture for PMS and Menstrual Relief specifically
designed for woman to help soothe pain associated with PMS and menstrual cramps. It
contains a high dosage of TetraHydroCannabinol, (6:1 THC:CBD) along with a low dose of
body-soothing CBD to help deliver those compounds to all of your CB1 and CB2 receptors.
Start by taking these drops at night, an hour or so before bed, to determine your tolerance for
the product. Other ingredients include organic cramp bark, organic elderberries, passionflower,
organic red raspberry leaf, and organic motherwort, along with solvent-free cannabinoid and
CBD oil. This tincture is the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet and is safe for use on a
daily basis or period-ically- no pun intended.



There is no one right answer, no perfect cure but we are certainly getting closer. Together we
can put this needless suffering behind us, though we may need to accept that true healing may
come from a variety of sources, a collection if you will, and thus we must take a holistic
approach. Last week we laser beamed on fast acting topicals, and today we detailed
preventative, daily use edibles. Move over period pains, as next week we cover our third
approach- one more ritualistic in nature and one that further utilizes CBD in all its blessed
forms to help us in fine tuning this close to perfect period program. Say goodbye to those
sleepless nights and monthly tears, for relief you can rely on is finally on the way.

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