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Sexual Health

Your body is a temple - and your partner’s is too. Sexuality and the relationship we have with our bodies is essential to a balanced life and state of mind. Shatter your current ex-pectations by introducing CBD and hemp to the the more personal side of life. There are many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue, therefore CBD’s power to increase blood flow heightens sensitivity, and promotes the body’s own natural lubrications. We have chosen products that are there to compliment your sexual health, increase your pleasure, and enhance your experience.
Sex can be a beautiful thing. Whether you’re experimenting with your sexuality, embracing your committed partner(s), exploring the depths of your own body or just letting your freak flag fly, there are few passions that excite the human mind more than getting laid. If you are one of the 43% of women or 31% of men who have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction, then that statistic alone lets you know you aren’t the only one. There are many reasons why our libidos can be low, some of which are:
• Taking birth control pills
• Aging + Menopause
• Stress + Family Problems
• Depression + Anxiety
• Trauma + PTSD
For women, introducing CBD to your diet and lifestyle through means such as oils, edibles and vapour can be effective in relieving inflammation and balancing your emotions so you can feel like a sexy, strong, badass woman again. CBD can also be useful for combating the pain, sleep disruption and mood imbalances associated with menopause. For men, CBD can be an effective method of flushing dioxin— a toxin that causes erectile dysfunction from the body. This is because CBD helps you to increase blood flow in your nether regions so you can get back to feeling firm in your sexuality. CBD also helps to increase our serotonin levels, making our climaxes more exciting and...explosive. Certain studies have found that CBD can function as an aphrodisiac. as it decreases pain, increases happiness, reduces stress and anxiety, and allows people to open up more with their sexual partners.

CBD For Sexual Health


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    Kootenay Labs Lunar Relief Ratio Tincture

    $ 44.00
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  • HIGHONLOVE™ Lip Gloss

    $ 27.95
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  • HIGHONLOVE™ Sensual Bath Oil

    $ 39.95
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  • HIGHONLOVE™ Stimulating O Gel for Women

    $ 54.95
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  • Stimulating Orgasm Oil canada

    HIGHONLOVE™ Stimulating Sensual Oil

    $ 64.95
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  • Nectar Infusions Sex Lube

    Nectar Infusions Sex Lube

    $ 49.99
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  • Cannabis Infused herbal tea by yoni relax

    Yoni Relax Tea

    $ 16.99
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  • Yoni Relief Tincture – PMS and Menstrual Relief

    $ 36.99
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  • Cannabis infused mineral bath soak

    Yoni Soak – PMS and Menstrual Relief

    $ 25.00
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  • cannabis infused body balm

    Yoni Soothe Balm – PMS and Menstrual Relief

    $ 47.95
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