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Every woman knows the value of a clear complexion. And at B+F we understand how empowering it is to feel good in the skin you’re in. That’s why we’ve worked hard to source the best hemp and CBD skin care products out there, so that you can use the healing properties of hemp and CBD to get that gorgeous glow.

Our range of skin care products are specially designed with your skin in mind to harness the natural benefits of CBD. It’s an antioxidant superhero, meaning it can banish fine lines and wrinkles. It’s antibacterial, so it tackles everything from the occasional pimple to cystic acne, and it’s anti-inflammatory which helps it to reduce puffiness, redness and irritation. And because it’s a non-clogging natural plant ingredient, it’s safe to use even on sensitive skin.

Whether you have severe eczema or combination skin that breaks out during your period, painful arthritis or hyperpigmentation, we have everything from gentle serums for daily use to luxurious bath salts for weekly indulgence. And you can rest assured that each and every product has been carefully selected with you and your skin in mind!

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CBD Skin Care FAQ's

Can CBD oil help with wrinkles?
Yas! CBD is packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and essential oils. These hydrate the skin and make it look and feel super soft and supple, preventing wrinkles from forming and reducing the appearance of existing ones. Plus, it’s also an antioxidant which means it kills free radicals—the pesky cells that cause wrinkles in the first place.
Is CBD good for skin care?
CBD is awesome for skin care. Full spectrum CBD in particular has so many skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals that it's like a superfood for your skin. CBD is also really, really good at reducing inflammation and redness. And it’s a natural antibacterial and oil-regulator too which makes it an amazing natural treatment for acne.
What does CBD do for skin?

There’s a tonne that CBD oil can do for your skin. If you’ve got eczema it could help to calm it down. If you’ve got acne it could help to reduce the levels of oil in your skin and the number of breakouts you get. If your skin feels dry, CBD can hydrate it. If it feels oily, CBD can restore its balance. It really is nature’s best skin care ingredient.

Check out this article on CBD vs hemp in skin care for all the skin care facts you need to know.

Can CBD penetrate skin?
Kind of. Some transdermal products like CBD patches work by CBD penetrating through the outer layers of the skin and being absorbed into the bloodstream. Lots of skin care companies are now using nanotechnology to reduce the size of CBD molecules so that they’re small enough to get through the pores of the skin too. But not every skin care product is going to be absorbed as easily as some. It really just depends on what you use.
How do these products feel on my skin?

CBD skin care products vary as much as any other. Some products, like balms and salves have a thick, luxurious texture that takes a long time to soak into the skin. Others, like serums and facial oils, are lighter and absorb much more quickly. The only problem is choosing which one works best for you!

Is CBD oil the same as hemp oil in skin care?

Although commonly mistaken, CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same thing. They come from different parts of the cannabis plant— CBD oil is made or extracted from the whole cannabis or hemp plant, whereas hemp oil is made from the seeds the plant produces.

If you're looking for a hydrating product that firms up your skin and doesn't clog your pores or cause acne, we recommend hemp. It also normally comes at a lower price point. On the other hand, if you're looking for something stronger for your acne, wrinkles, or chronic skin conditions, we recommend going for CBD. Check out this article for more on CBD and hemp in skin care.

I have sensitive skin. Will these products work for me?
CBD oil itself is actually amazing for sensitive skin. It’s really gentle and soothing, so won't irritate any tricky areas. But you should still always be very careful about what other ingredients CBD skin care products contain. Check the labels and read reviews online before you buy anything to protect your skin from any nasty side effects.
Will CBD settle an eczema rash?
Maybe. Eczema varies hugely from person to person and people suffering with very severe eczema might not be able to get enough relief from CBD products alone. But people with mild to moderate eczema could be amazed by how much relief CBD products bring them. It soothes the skin, replenishes lost moisture and natural oils, is an antimicrobial, and calms down any redness or inflammation that you have.
When shouldn't you use CBD in skin products?
You should probably avoid CBD skin care products if you’re using prescription products recommended by a doctor There’s no doubt that CBD has a tonne of natural healing properties, but using it as a replacement for medicated products isn’t a good idea. If you really want to take a natural approach to your health with CBD, talk to your doctor about doing this so that you can make sure what you’re doing will be bother safe and effective.
Is CBD a good topical anti-inflammatory?
One of the most commonly-known benefits of CBD is its anti-inflammatory effects. By triggering CB2 recectors in your skin, it can manage and reduce both pain and inflammation on the targeted area. It has become a preferred option for many due to its natural, non-psychoactive properties.
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