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Vegan Plant-Powered Edibles

Along with a rise in cannabis use, veganism has grown by 600% in North America since 2014, which has a positive impact on our environment and the ways we view food. Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trains, planes, and other forms of transportation around the world combined, and studies show going vegan or vegetarian can cut your carbon footprint in half. If you’re newly-vegan and searching for vegan CBD products to celebrate a plant-based lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. From candy hearts to tasty concentrates, there’s a dope product for every budget, palate, and tolerance level.

Here at Birch + Fog, we understand better than anyone that every customer is different, including your diet preferences, which is why we’ve gathered such a wide collection of edibles.  Edibles are considered a more inclusive and “friendly” approach to CBD consumption (because eating a cookie is so much more fun than smoking, in our opinion!). From savoury rubs and sauces to brownies, “getting high” no longer requires you to inhale anything. Although effects are different for everyone, edibles also produce a significantly prolonged and heightened effect on the body and mind (up to 10 hours).

As a flexitarians ourselves, who are choosing vegan in more ways than ever before, our priority is to consistently innovate high quality, safe and inclusive experiences through treats. The legalization of CBD has allowed Canadians the opportunity to even produce their own CBD edibles, which is a huge step forward toward the acceptance of CBD in our society. However, DIY edibles are not a straight and narrow process, and if you do not have the prior knowledge or experience, your attempt at making your own vegan edibles could end up being anywhere from without effect to being seriously dangerous. Rest assured, you can be safe to use vegan edibles from Birch + Fog which are all lab tested and perfectly dosed for your needs and tolerance.

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