Ryan Reynolds wants Canadians to use their votes to drive climate change

With election day just three days away, Oct 21st 2019, our candidates are wrapping up their final campaign stops to encourage Canadians to get to the polls.
As we get closer to the date, we’ve seen celebrities reminding Canadians to vote, though none more relevant than our darling  Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.
On Wednesday, earlier this week, Reynolds tweeted to his more than 14 million followers that he wants his daughters to experience the same natural playground he grew up in.
The Deadpool actor and gin connoisseur grew up on Canada’s west coast, we used to run into him quite a bit in the 90s, and is no stranger to sharing his love of his home country.
The 42-year-old reminded Canadians that on October 21, the candidate they vote for will “shape climate policy.”
And while Reynolds didn’t directly endorse Trudeau, he makes a reference to the last four years, of which Trudeau served, and said he’s proud of the climate progress that’s been made.

We couldn’t agree with him more. It’s our conscious votes that allowed us to choose leaders who have made changes to our policies around cannabis and CBD.

Regardless of your stance on each campaign promise, we encourage you to use your voice to shape who we are as a country and as a people for our future. Everyone’s voice matters.

For more information on ways to vote.



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