Sex & CBD

CBD & THC Products for better Sex
The importance of sex within our wellness routines is often overlooked, however it is just as vital to our overall health and happiness as exercise or sleep. At Birch + Fog, we want to help you not only enhance your sex life with plant based wellness products, but help you have more fun in the process. 

Weā€™ve curated the top CBD & THC products in the industry that will take your sexual experience from vanilla to OH WOW. From personal lubricants and aphrodisiac infused topicals, to bath products that will help ease pain and relax your body, we are confident that we have something for you & your partner.
Sex CBD & THC Products
Our Collection
Our collection of SEX products focuses on offering a range of CBD & THC infused products to fit every need and desire. We offer both water and oil based lubricants, edibles that will have you feeling yourself, and products to turn the heat up in the bath or the bedroom. You deserve to have great sex, and we are here to help you get there.
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