B+F Black Label Flight

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When each day brings a new set of challenges, it is nice to know that there is a mood uplifter ready to suit your  every need. With the cerebral hybrid Green Crack, you will be inspired to put pen to paper and finish the short story that’s been brewing for months. Cramming for finals doesn’t need to be stressful– with a little help from the hybrid Jellybean, you can get your head in the game and start memorizing those flash cards. When you try for hours and simply cannot fall asleep, the Indica White Rhino is the helping hand you need to get that last minute jolt before you fly first class into restful slumber and when the AM finally comes around, give your brain a boost with the sativa Charlotte’s Web and upgrade your morning routine. The Flower Sampler Pack will connect you deeper with the experiences that speak to you most.

B +F Black Label: Flower Sampler Pack includes:

  • Green Crack (for getting the CREATE-ive juices flowing)
  • Jellybean (for FOCUSing on the bright day ahead)
  • White Rhino (for the ENHANCEment you need reach your goals)
  • Charlottes Web (for when you need to CREATE the next masterpiece)

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