Pure Pulls Rechargeable Kit (500mg) CBD 1:1

$ 80.00

Looking for something to meet you half way? We may have the answer here with this CBD 1:1 blend. This will make you feel good without too many racing thoughts or jittery impulses.
Ideal for the individual looking for the best of both worlds, taking off the edge while leaving you in control, blissful and relaxed

Flavor – Jack Therapy
1:1 ratio = 31.5% CBD : 31.5% THC

**Pure Pulls are smokeless and don’t leave you breathless. Take one where ever you go.  Don’t worry; it’s virtually odorless.



Refillable Vape Kit Instructions

Our Pure Pulls reusable pens, with charger, can be used over and over again.  Simply dispose of the cartridge piece when empty, and screw in a new one.

Usage Tips

  • Gently inhale from the mouth piece (side with the hole) until the logo on the other end lights up.
  • After a deep to moderate inhalation, exhale slowly
  • Please wait a few minutes moment before next dose (can take 5-10 minutes)
  • A fully charged kit burns hotter

Recharge Tips:

  • Unscrew oil cartridge (mouth-piece) from heating mechanism (light-up piece).
  • Screw heating mechanism into included USB charger and plug-in
  • Light indicator will turn green/off when fully-charged



All disposable pens, pen cartridges and pen batteries can be returned for a Store Credit if your product is proven to be defective. You can return your items to Birch + Fog within *15 calendar days of receiving your order*. Please contact support@birchandfog.com to speak with an Experience Concierge to further assist.


Strain TypeHybrid


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