Sciencelab CBD:THC Topical Lotion (180mg CBD/110mg THC)

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This ain’t your typical topical – our expert friends at the ScienceLab have created a proprietary strain variety to naturally cultivate higher CBD levels. The valuable CBD and THC combination was then concentrated using a CO2 extraction method to preserve its natural potency – this is then blended into this topical. Gain an epic epidermis today and REFRESH through those pores.

The ScienceLab topical lotion has been used for various skin conditions. Some foggers find that this cream helps with:

  • Eczema/Psoriasis
  • Muscle Pain and Tension
  • Spasticity

180mg CBD/110mg THC per jar
Contains 100ml/3.5oz topical lotion

THC 110mg
CBD 180mg


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