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Why We Chose This

Shift Elixir is an all-natural carbonated beverage, designed for you to shoot gears and arrive at a pleasurable destination. Handcrafted and made with the highest quality water soluable Nano-Emulsion, each can contains 20mg of THC. This fizzy sipper has an onset time of approximately 15 minutes, getting you where you want to go – fast. Brewed and canned is Beautiful British Columbia.

Nano-emulsion based cannabis beverages are fast acting and have high bioavailability, meaning the body will absorb a higher amount of the THC or CBD. Nano-emulsions, which have been used for many years in other industries such as pharmaceutics and cosmetics, can be absorbed into the body and brought into the brain more quickly without requiring any external oils or fats.

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What’s In The Can

355mL can containing 20mg THC



Carbonated Water, Pure Ginger Extract, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, THC Emulsion, Potassium Sorbate

Suggested Usage

Store and serve chilled. Start with 1/2 can and wait 20 minutes – increase dosage as needed/desired.



Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not store at high altitudes or freezing temperatures.

Shelf Life/Storage

Good for 1 year after purchase, or 1 day after opening although carbonation may be lost.

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06 May 2021
Tasty way to relax

Tastes great and got me feeling nice and mellow. I bought a few more for something to help me relax after a long tense day. Would probably be great for cocktails!

24 Apr 2021
Canada Canada

Really nice all natural ginger flavour, felt it come on pretty quick unlike regular edibles. Makes for a really nice Dark and Stormy with the addition of a splash of rum and slice of lime on ice!

21 Mar 2021
Canada Canada
It’s okay

Tasted awful in my opinion, but it gave a really nice buzz that I’ve never had off 20mgs before (I got a very high tolerance) so it kinda made the awful taste worth it! I did have to chug it though

16 Feb 2021
Jessica G.

Loved everything in this set! Especially the ginger ale. I’ve never tried a THC drink before and it actually tasted pretty good

11 Feb 2021

Refreshing authentic natural flavoured THC ginger ale, no added sugars and gave a nice subtle high!