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The Furry Friend Set

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Our pets are some of the greatest loves that we will ever have. They are always there, always happy and always ready for cuddles (which we are eager to provide). This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your furry friend with hemp infused pet treats that will give them as much relief as they give you!

The Furry Friend Set includes:

No need for boots when this easy-to-apply wax can protect against the elements using the natural strength of CBD and calendula oil. Expect quicker healing and less inflammation – and a happier companion.

Strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion and return home to a happier, more energetic companion. Smokey Bacon or Seafood Medley flavoured, Hemp Terpene infused oral drops are tasty and easy to administer with a rapid onset.

Keep that sniffer strong and fresh. Heal dry, cracking dog noses so they can get back to being their wonderful selves with this all natural organic salve infused with natural sunscreen elements.


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