Viridesco VV BHO Oil 1mL

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The lab rats at Viridesco have concocted a concentrate with one vision in mind: high-quality, high-potency. The power of cannabis is harnessed through extraction leaving only the viscous resin for your extra-strength relief needs. The most practical dispenser is housing cannabis concentrate packed with THC upwards of 70% and natural flavours of the Kings Kush and MK Ultra strains.

Best consumed with a dab rig or portable concentrate vaporizer

Kings Kush – RELAX
Get to sleep with a smile like a King should. Enjoy the mood lifting initially before the welcome body melt.

MK Ultra – RELAX
Get lost in the moment and find yourself on the couch. A cerebral intensity followed by a heavy sleepiness.

For experienced foggers only


THC 70.6%


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