At Birch + Fog, we want you to truly immerse yourself in your everyday. Slow things down, focus deeper, push farther, feel lighter, explore further and touch with more love.


Experience More of the Moments that Matter.



Catch Feelings Before The Moment Passes

Our world today is ever-changing and becoming increasingly complex. We are inundated with streams of information, action items, requests for time, and a host of other demands that pull us in multiple directions. Gone are the days of quiet tranquility, where we could spend the time to take in the world for all its glory, experiencing every moment for its grandeur.

At Birch + Fog, our purpose is to bring products that allow you to slow down your worlds, quiet your frantic minds, take in the moments with loved ones and dive deeper on stories; giving you a more experienced journey as you go through the magnificence of life.

Products selected based on experiences you seek – FOCUS in on that book you’ve been meaning to dive into, REFRESH your body and mind in a deep yoga session, CREATE works of art with your brush of choice, RELAX after that long week of deadlines, ENHANCE your hike with more energy while fully taking in nature’s beauty, or IGNITE those nights with your partner with deeper passion.

Customer Experiences That Motivate Us:

“Package arrived just a few days after ordering, with extras! Appreciate the quick & courteous service and was blown away by the product quality. Top shelf products express to my door, doesn’t get any better than that! Can’t wait to place my next order. Thanks Birch+Fog!”

– Mel, Burnaby

Customer Experiences That Motivate Us:

“I had a great experience shopping at Birch + Fog, the team was really responsive answering any questions and delivery was so fast! Try the gummies! Got them as gifts and they were a huge hit!”

– Bianca, BC


Customer Experiences That Motivate Us:

“I recently moved from Vancouver to Halifax and I have been looking for a good source for some quality buds. My friend told me about Birch + Fog and they are excellent! Two days after ordering I had my package and the product was phenomenal. I will be a loyal customer for the time to come. Thanks Birch + Fog.”

– Josef, Nova Scotia


Customer Experiences That Motivate Us:

“I couldn’t be happier with Birch and Fogs service. My order was shipped to me promptly, the packaging was subtle, and they included a sample of a strain that they felt I would enjoy based on my selection. They couldn’t have been more right! Definitely will order again.”

– Greg, Ontario



What happens with Birch + Fog, stays with Birch + Fog. All orders will be discreetly packaged with no mentions of the name Birch + Fog anywhere on the order.


Your delivery is guaranteed to be hand chosen to make sure you’re getting the best. Our products are selected to ensure you get a consistent and reliable experience. Every time.


We provide resources to help teach you about the ever-changing world of Cannabis. Still have questions? Just reach out and ask [email protected]

Experience Cannabis Today

Experience Cannabis Today

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