Our Story

When we began, we made a decision that would not only change our own lives, but the lives of our families and future generations of Canadians:

We would become Experience Curators.

Our Team

Though we come from different sides of the tracks, every member has been a consumer of cannabis, with decades of diverse and combined experiences and an understanding of the nuances of different strains and products. We’ve partaken in the consumption of products ranging from the nascent period of peer-acquired “weed” we passed around in a circle to the newer more sophisticated experiences based products. One thing was clear, not all cannabis products were created equal.

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Our Ethos

We knew that there was more to it than Sativas and Indicas, or THC and CBD, and it was hard to repeat the experiences we had while consuming because product types, dosing, and quality seemed to vary between each supplier and dispensary. We took it in our hands to fix that problem, while introducing products designed to mediate the experience our Foggers wanted without all the noise and complexity of difficult to understand strain names, among other variables.

Curious? Read on to learn more about our Experiences, and what they mean to us.

Leadership Principles



We are obsessed with creating memorable experiences, from the time you hear about us and browse our store, to the moment our products are delivered, unwrapped, and enjoyed.



Through transparent and authentic conversations, we unceasingly expand our understanding of the products and experiences that matter most to our Foggers.



We resolved to emphasize continuous growth as a defining tenet of our core culture, guiding every success, and adjusting the course with each new discovery.

Exceptional Bespoke Service

The Birch + Fog collection has defined experiences and celebrated the world’s great moments.



Experiences Delivered

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