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Birch + Fog is the lifestyle collective for plant-powered wellness essentials designed to elevate your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your perception of beauty. It’s an unadulterated celebration of life, happiness, and health. Through our holistic approach to a plant-powered lifestyle, we’re here to help you make the most of the moments that matter

Our Ethos

We want you to make the most of your experiences by introducing products that mediate your daily rituals. With each passing moment, we see more and more Foggers recounting the positive effect of a plant-powered lifestyle. from moving away from pharmaceuticals and relieving chronic ailments to enhanced social lives and happier pets. More than products, Birch + Fog it is an embodiment of experiences, which is why we categorize our products based on the Experience Profiles that make up all our everyday routines.

Our Team

Birch + Fog represents the holistic wellness collective that goes far beyond chasing the “high” and embraces the whole of the human experience. We believe that a plant-powered lifestyle is as much about wellness as it is about indulgence; as much about pleasure as it is about healing. When we select a product for our catalog, we make sure we’re selecting only the essential products that will help improve the way you create, enhance, focus, ignite, refresh, and relax. We are a group of individuals interested in a new way of living. Your story is ours.

Leadership Principles



We are obsessed with creating memorable experiences, from the time you hear about us and browse our store, to the moment our products are delivered, unwrapped, and enjoyed.



Through transparent and authentic conversations, we unceasingly expand our understanding of the products and experiences that matter most to our Foggers.



We resolved to emphasize continuous growth as a defining tenet of our core culture, guiding every success, and adjusting the course with each new discovery.

A Little Background

You made it all the way down this page, so this is is a special moment for us. A little background on our product philosophy: our wellness-obsessed team has tried literally everything out there, and we know what works. Through painstaking trial and error – and with real-life usage in mind – we’ve developed a catalog designed to get you through the day looking and feeling your best, so you can get shit done without breaking the bank. Oh, and we deliver these essentials in cute, stylish packaging. So even if you’re new to the plant-based lifestyle, or are just making a few upgrades, we’re here for that. Think of our products as the wellness essentials you need, plus products you’ll actually use.

It’s Better On Top

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