6 Virtual Disney World Rides That’ll Bring The Magic To Your Home

It’s no secret that Floridians love few things more than an afternoon under Magic Kingdom’s Cinderalla castle. If you are craving a taste of Walt Disney World, you may be needing a bit of fairy dust to make it until the park reopens. Luckily for you folks living out that #socialdistance, our list of six of our fave Disney World virtual rides will let you feel that rush of magic without even having to roll off the couch.

Grab your Minnie ears and a glass of pinot grigio —because why not— and curl up on your couch with these picks.


Splash Mountain

If you have always been too impatient to wait for that front seat, now’s your chance to get a taste of the action. Yes, that means a huge splash at the end.




It’s A Small World

Folks who want to relive their favorite childhood memories will fall in love with this virtual tour of a Disney classic. Get ready for international vibes and tunes that will keep you humming. 




Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Taking a virtual trip to a theme park is one thing, but what about a voyage to outer space? The Buzz Lightyear ride will take you all the way to faraway galaxies with aliens and robots.




Frozen Ever After

Park hopping can normally be way too much to take on in a single weekend, and it usually means shelling out even more cash! This virtual ride will transport you straight to Epcot’s Norway park and a field of snowmen just like Olaf.




The Seas With Nemo & Friends

Life is a thousand percent better under the sea, but don’t worry–you can be part of that world. Join the world’s cutest clownfish in coral reef thanks to this Epcot adventure.




Peter Pan’s Flight

Have you ever dreamed that you could soar above a sea of fluffy white clouds? Fly from Wendy’s house to London to Neverland. It’s basically magic.


Whether you are trying to relive those Magic Kingdom memories or are shaking up a lazy afternoon, this is a solid way to explore some rides. 



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