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Finally! Vegan Options at Tim Hortons To Go With Your Plant-Based Lifestyle

Ordering vegan fast food can be anxiety inducing, even with the advent of all the Beyond Burger variants at your local burger joints. Not any longer as it seems like Timmy’s finally got the memo to add plant-based options to their menu and we are so stoked.


Even though Tim Hortons recently canned their Beyond Meat Burger, they know that we are here and we’re hungry AF for some reasonably priced Canadian classics, they’ve upped their game to include plant-based eggs using JUST eggs (which is a delicious vegan egg substitute) and, in one test-location, 3 new vegan milk options. Thank the vegan gods!



beyond meat just eggs vegan soy

If you’re in the Toronto area then you can enjoy an all-vegan combo from your favourite Canadian Fast-Food chain to go along with your favourite vegan wellness products from yours truly. Knowing that you’re jump starting your day with ethically sourced, plant-based goodies is an excellent way to relieve daily anxieties. If you’re in literally any other part of Canada, hang tight! Not all of Timmy’s vegan options are available everywhere (yet).

To go with your morning Timmy’s vegan breakfast, Birch + Fog has a suite of products so you can add to your morning coffee to reduce your anxiety as you go about your work day – remember to check out Mary’s Medibles CBD Tincture.

Also, make sure to fill your stylish vegan-leather bag with Buudabomb Vegan Gummies, Calyx Vegan CBD Capsules, Sweet Jane Vegan Hemp Trail Mix Bar and other plant-based goodies delivered right to your front door!


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