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10 Father’s Day Gifts That Are Better Than a Necktie

June 16th is fast approaching and in addition to being the birthday of the late great Tupac Shakur, it is also a day to celebrate the man who helped bring you into this world.


Father’s Day is about celebrating dads in all their glory, be they cool dads who know how to floss, goofy dads who think they can floss, or stoic dads who have never heard the word “floss” outside the realm of dentistry.


As much as dad appreciates a sturdy coffee mug, here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will really knock his socks off.


1. The Boss Dad

This dad knows how to balance work responsibilities and family life (or at least he’s trying his best). He’s got time to meet those deadlines and make it home in time for BBQ dinner because he knows the importance of a schedule and sticking to it. If your father or partner is a straight up boss then the Vessel Vape Pen is the gift for them. Sleek, high-tech and perfect for the man who is always on-the-go and doesn’t have time for mediocrity.


2. The Goofy Dad

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad your dad is the king of bad jokes? This dad knows how to have a good time, appreciates the artistry of Weird Al and loves to embarrass you (even in your adult life). His joie de vie is utterly contagious and his inner-child makes him the perfect person to share infused-candies with. Give your dorky dad or hilarious hubby some Buudabomb Black Watermelon Flavoured Gummies and watch his sparkling personality turn up to an 11. (*Beware, the dad-jokes will be non-stop after consuming these potent jellies).


3. The Edgy Dad

He’s got effortless style. He’s got edge. He can build anything, probably knows how to play guitar and his record collection has its own room. If this sounds like your dad then you must be one cool-cat (*If this sounds like your husband then tell me where to get one). If your dad or hubby is a tatted-up would-be rockstar then you can’t go wrong with Apothecary Naturals New Ink to keep that body art fresh and taken care of.


4. The Fitness Dad

As a kid (whether you liked it or not) Saturday morning cartoons came after a run around the block. Now that you’re an adult you can appreciate the #healthgoals your pop instilled in you early on. This dad wants you to be the best version of yourself, which means you probably inherited his strong work ethic and fitness routine. The fitness dad doesn’t want sugary treats and probably doesn’t drink his protein shake from a coffee mug so consider giving him the gift of post-workout relief with OMNI Pain Cream.


5. The Dog-Lover Dad

Let’s face it: You have a sibling and they’re covered in fur. This dad loves his fur baby so much that you’ve probably experienced some serious sibling rivalry. At the end of the day you know you love that big ball of fur too so this Father’s Day, show your dog-loving dad that you appreciate your fuzzy sibling with Apawthecary Organic Paw Protection Wax.


6. The Cool Dad

Cool dad is the chillest, most down-to-earth guy you know. He’s the perfect balance between parent and friend, and he totally understands your penchant for smoking flower despite being a vape-guy himself. He has more fashion sense in his pinky finger than most guys have in their entire body and he understands that a self-care routine defies gender norms and should be embraced by everyone. Because he likes to keep his skin glowing and his beard fresh, Rosé Face + Beard Oil is the perfect gift for this daddio.


7. The Gentle Dad

If you’ve known one thing to be true in your life it’s that your dad is the sweetest, most caring and wonderful man you will ever know. His shoulder is always there to cry on, his heart is always open and, yes, he occasionally slipped an extra $20 in your weekly allowance. He is and will always be the benchmark for what you look for in a partner. This Father’s Day, the best gift you can give the kindest man you know is the gift of love and relaxation. MOTA Temple Tea is a perfect (and delicious) way to show your dad that you care about his health and happiness.


8. The Free-Spirited Dad

Your pops is no stranger to the magical green herb. A lover of nature, Marley and good vibes only, this hippy dad knows his way around a joint and is happy to share that knowledge with his free-spirited peers. No need to get too fancy with the Father’s Day gift– a pack of Aloha Pre-Rolls will show him that you’ve learned well and are ready to join the family drum circle.


9. The New Dad

You and your hubby have been working day and night to be the best new parents you can be, but that comes with a lot of diaper changing, in-law visits and, of course, sleepless nights (Like… we cannot stress this enough: So many sleepless nights). FeelCBD Sleep Drops are the perfect gift to get your hubby for his very first Father’s Day. Give him a few June nights of total relaxation and as a thank you, he’ll probably volunteer for 3AM baby monitor duty for the next 6 months. It’s a win-win!


10. The Knows-Everything Dad


The enemy of holidays, birthdays and any other milestone occasion is and always has been the dad that is impossible to shop for. When this dad wants something he goes out and gets it, creating an impossible challenge when looking for gifts. Fortunately, we have the solution. If your dad fits into this category then you can’t go wrong with a B+F Gift Card. When all else fails, the gift of options is a dad’s best friend!

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