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Find out Which Vessel Pen Suits Your Lifestyle

The height of cannabis-tech is finally here and we are SO pumped. Introducing the Vessel-- Your transportation to elevated vaping. The carefully crafted design is nothing short of jaw-dropping and the quality, convenience and performance knocks competition out of the park. With 8 unique styles, there's a Vessel out there for everyone. Which one are you?


The Wood Series

Silver + Walnut AKA The Trendy Techy

Find out Which Vessel Pen Suits Your Lifestyle

If this Vessel were human, it would probably work for a tech start-up by day and write coffee table books by night. It would be named  something pleasant and reassuring like Sam and we would greet them with a combination of admiration and jealousy. Sam is like the friend you call when you need help thinking outside the box or just need a friendly pep talk-- that's the kind of comforting vibe this Vessel brings.


Slate + Walnut AKA The Minimalist Designer

Find out Which Vessel Pen Suits Your Lifestyle

This pen has interior designer and craft-beer specialist written all over it. The walnut base showcases a colour so rich and so warm it almost seems criminal to vape this anywhere other than a cabin in Muskoka. 


Bronze + Blackwood AKA The Boss-Bitch


Don’t even think about calling in sick if you’ve seen your boss puffing on this high-class piece. A standout amongst the Wood Series, this Vessel said “I see you Walnut, but I'm gonna do my own thing” and the whole game was changed forever. For those who get shit done and still have time for fun, this one’s for you.


The Style Series

Rose Gold AKA Your New BFF

Find out Which Vessel Pen Suits Your Lifestyle

It’s cute, it’s sweet and it’s always got your back. This sleek Vessel jumped right out of Delta Nu and into your Marie Kondo-fied loft. Meet your new companion for Sunday brunch, Aritzia warehouse sales, and Solstice vacations to Whistler, BC.


Aubergine AKA “We’re on the list”


Classy, Sassy, and the first to tell you “it’s not purple it’s Aubergine, and don’t you dare call me Eggplant”. This is the piece you want when you’re strutting down the street and feeling yourself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving you confidence, compliments and all sorts of good vibes.


The Expedition Series

Silver + Black AKA The Cool-Dad


This Vessel is for that cool dad-- you know the one. He fixes cars, bakes a mean lasagna, tells funny jokes that aren’t about lazy millennials and knows everything about Television (the band and the device).


Black + Red AKA The Panther


This Vessel is for those of you who are just too cool to give a f**k. You’re like Beyoncé on Instagram: No caption necessary.


Red + Black AKA The life of the Party


Fame is calling and it needs you front and centre ASAP. Get ready for all eyes on you with this stunningly vibrant collectors piece. This Vessel works on so many levels, you’ll have techies and fashionistas begging you to tell them how you got so cool. Does it look like Darth Vader’s light saber? Yes. Is it shockingly similar to Mac’s Russian Red Matte Lipstick? Yes. Is it everything you’ve ever wanted in a vape pen and more? Looks that way.


Browsing is half the fun! Check out our collection of Vessels here, and find the pen that suits your unique style.

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