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Is it OK to take CBD oil every night?

Olivia St James
January 1, 2022

How much CBD, for how long and how often should I take it? Are usually questions that many have, when beginning supplementing with CBD oil.

Keep in mind that not everyone uses CBD oil for the same reason, and not everyone's body is the same. CBD oil may be used at any time for as long as you feel and see that it is helping you, but if you want to take a break or try different forms, we've compiled a list of our best selections for CBD oil for sleep, and what can be expected when using CBD oil during night time for different conditions.

Why take CBD oil at night time?

One of the main reasons many individuals prefer to take CBD oil is for better sleep. But sleep problems or sleep disorders are not all the reasons why you might choose CBD for night time.

Stressful day? If you find yourself having a lot on your mind at the end of the day from work or even personal difficulties, this may be interfering with your ability to get a good night's sleep and CBD oil may provide relief and soothe pain from tight neck and shoulders caused by a busy day enabling your body to rest up.

You can find yourself integrating exercise into your lifestyle. We all know the sore that comes after a good workout. This is another reason you might want to take CBD oil at night. Many individuals have found that especially when they workout at night, and taking CBD oil after workout helps them recover much faster, and feel refreshed the following day.

Relaxing your mind from constant thoughts, events beyond your control, nervousness before a final test, or even a major life change, all of these things may keep your mind on repeat that keeps you awake and feeling unrestful. CBD oil can help you clear your mind by relaxing and increasing anandamide production, which can potentially make you feel even happier.

These and other reasons are why people choose to use CBD oil every night and reap its advantages for a better night's rest.

How to choose a CBD oil for Sleep?

There are many great options for CBD oil products, reputable CBD companies would even formulate CBD infused products for better sleep.

This are some good points to have in mind when choosing a CBD oil for relieve at night that can potentially provide you with better sleep:

-Choose the form of CBD oil that suits you better. CBD oil infused products can be purchased for ingesting in a tincture, edibles, vapes and pill or capsule form. There are also topical CBD oil products that can be used for targeted areas, like neck, shoulders, upper or lower back.

-Know the type of CBD oil that is best for you. From full spectrum to Isolate CBD, there are 3 types of CBD oil that can be found and should be clear and easy to read in the label of the product; full spectrum is when all the cannabinoids, this including THC, phytochemicals and terpenes extracted from the hemp plant are present in the oil, is believed that by ingesting all the goods found naturally in the plant, you can receive wider benefits, and CBD interaction with the endocannabinoid system can potentially be increased.

CBD isolate, is pure CBD no other components of the plant will be found, people find it easier to take, especially if the low amount of THC found in full spectrum gives them a sligh effect of a “high”. And broad spectrum CBD, which is less common to find, contains most of all cannabinoids except THC, along with terpenes and phytochemicals.

-Look for CBD strength, that is right for you. Your dose will be determined by the strength or concentration of CBD or THC in the formula. Look for products that display the amount of CBD in each dosage, not simply the total amount in the product. The dosage, which is measured in milligrams, varies greatly depending on the product's type.

-Pay attention to other ingredients found in the product. Is crucial to notice if there are other ingredients in the product, this can help you determine not only the quality of the CBD oil, but also if any additional ingredient is good for your health.

-Other key information to look out for, in CBD oil products. The extraction method used is also very important, CO2 extraction method is usually the preferred method, is considered safe and more clean. Test results should also be easy to get, this should be provided when asked for.

Another important point to consider before beginning supplementing with CBD either for a health condition, to provide relaxation from a long day at work or better sleep, is to consult your doctor, and clear any doubt concerning CBD oil.

Our Top Picks CBD oil for Sleep Products

We love to share our variety of products that are a great option to provide a soothing and repairing night. We've picked three top options of CBD oil in topical forms from our sleep category that may be used in coupled with CBD tincture, sweets, capsules, or pills:

1 Birch + Fog | 1:1 Pain Relief Stick

Powerful pain relief and anti-inflammatory balm stick, blended with moisturizing cocoa, shea, and mango butter. Hydrating oils like olive and sunflower, infused with therapeutic herbs and spices such as arnica, calendula, clove, and peppermint. This last one is used by many as a therapeutic plant that provides that cooling anti-inflammatory effect.

With all the well-known advantages of CBD and THC, this pain relief stick is a topical CBD product that you can use to target a specific area of your body, such as a stiff neck, shoulders, or back.


- Infused with CBD and THC oil 1:1 ratio

- A great blend of herbs and spices known to aid in pain related symptoms

-Moisturizing butters

-Hydrating oils

-Cooling effect


-Some might find the formula too strong due to menthol crystals in it.


- Two amazing presentations with blends of spices and herbs infused with 125mg of CBD and THC;  Peppermint and Spicy Mint.

2 Kootenay Labs | Sacred CBD and THC Bath Salts 

A 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio bath salts that helps alleviate aches and pains and quiet your mind, letting you rest deeply while also soothing your skin.

Blended with great therapeutic flowers and essential oils known to calm and provide relief from pain :dried rose and pea flowers, essential oils of eucalyptus, Siberian fir, wintergreen, black spruce and vetiver.


-1:1 CBD to THC ratio

-Mixed of himalayan and epsom salts

-Hydrating almond oil

-Infused with therapeutic flowers and essential oils


-Not suitable for people allergic to almond


-Extraordinary bath salts that may be added to your bath night routine for a calming experience and to aid in getting a good night's sleep.

3 Yoni | Soothe PMS Relief Balm 

When suffering from premenstrual symptoms like joints and back pain, this can possibly make it hard to get a good night's sleep. This relief balm soothes and helps with PMS and menstrual related pain. With amazing blends of healing flowers and essential oils.


-50mg CBD and 200mg THC

- Blended with healing plants grown naturally in Canada.

-Hydrating jojoba, olive and avocado oils


-Made with beeswax not suitable for vegans


-Solvent free CBD and THC oils infused in this wonderful body balm for PMS and menstrual related pain, with essential oils and healing plants known to help on your moon periods : cramp bark, st. john´s worth, chamomile,passion flower and white willow bark.

How often should I take CBD oil ?

We have presented our top picks, from bath salts to PMS and menstrual body balm, that are safe and easy to apply every day, or when you consider its best for you to use.

The same we can say for CBD for sleep tinctures, edibles and capsules, when beginning supplementing with CBD your health goals and the effects that CBD has on you will determine the length you will want to use it.

You can even choose to rest after a period of using CBD oil or alternate products if you want to take a different approach to your health goal.

If you simply want a warm bath with healing plants to get a good night's sleep or if it's that time of the month when you need support to help your body ease symptoms like joints and lower back pain , you can choose a body balm or pain relief stick.

Whatever is your choice or need, we have many great CBD options available for you, that can easily be purchased in our online store, and ship directly to your step door.


It might take some time to figure out when to take CBD to have the expected results, and how often typically depends on what you're dealing with on a daily basis. However, whether you want to improve your mood, relax your body, or have a better resting night, CBD is a great option to help you maintain a healthy mind and body at all times whether it is at night or during day time.


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