Is Micro-dosing the Coolest New Trend?

Kat Anderson
October 6, 2019

You’ve probably encountered that super edgy introvert at a party who only talked about The Big Lebowski and their penchant for micro-dosing. Your cool points skyrocketed when you told them you knew who the Dude was, but you might have gotten a little self-conscious when you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what micro-dosing was. Let’s clear up some of the confusion and make sure that you are in the know when faced with life’s toughest questions.

What in the world is micro-dosing?

A microdose refers to the lowest dose necessary to create a perceptible, or nearly-perceptible effect. This means not having to navigate through heavy psychoactive (being high) effects or generally overwhelming results from ingesting too much. With microdosing, the user is more in control as they are able to maintain their mindset while benefitting from the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

When it comes to microdosing with cannabis, we recommend starting with 5mg THC or less per microdose.

How can Microdosing with cannabis benefit me?

More Confidence and Control

One of the legitimate concerns for most users, especially those new to cannabis, is taking in too much and having to endure discomforting results (ie the bad trip). Through the practice of microdosing and paying attention to stated THC contents from trusted products, you can be more confident in avoiding undesired effects so you can better focus on how your body and mind are reacting during the initial trial phase.

All-day Relief and Results

Depending on your purposes, cannabis is relatively safe to ingest throughout the day when microdosing, which also facilitates measuring incremental effects as you slowly increase or decrease your dosage as necessary.

Research continues into the wide array of health and healing benefits of cannabis. Those that practice microdosing with cannabis have reported positive results in many areas including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Inflammation
  • Mood and Overall Well-being

How do I start Microdosing?

1. Decide on a consumption method for microdosing:

Ingestion (edibles/capsules), Sub-Lingual (tinctures/sprays), Vaporizing, Combustion (smoking)

We recommend either ingestion or sub-lingual as we’ve found these cannabis products are generally easier to determine dosage with.

2. Determine your starting dosage (5mg THC or less)

We recommend starting at 5mg of THC or less per microdose and adjusting as necessary. You can be mindful of the THC content on edible packaging per piece. As for tinctures and sprays, the THC content per drop or spray should be noted.

3. Consume

4. Pay Attention and Take Note

There are many factors that will determine exactly what effects you will feel. Using cannabis self-therapy involves several trials to find the optimal dosage and this is best done with microdosing. We recommend writing down what you notice at the 30-minutes, 60-minutes and 90 minutes mark for each dose over 2-3 days before adjusting the dosage or changing products.

5. Take a Day or Two with no microdosing

To truly observe what effects microdosing with cannabis had on you, we recommend taking a day’s break and observing/noting any differences from the previous days microdosing. This will give a more solid impression of how microdosing with cannabis is taking effect.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary.

7. Be confident knowing exactly how much cannabis you need.

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