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Edibles are an amazing (and snacky) way to enjoy CBD in your everyday life and turn the self-care ritual into something you really enjoy. Not only do they give you an excuse to indulge in a tasty treat that brightens your day, they’re also a super effective way to enjoy the healing benefits of CBD oil in your daily routine.

CBD edibles have come a long way from the traditional pot brownies we all know. Today, edibles comes in such a huge range of products that there really is something for everyone. And we’ve made sure to incorporate this vast choice in our edibles collection for you.

Whether you’re a self-confessed chocoholic, a gummy addict, or you just prefer CBD honey to drizzle over your morning granola, we’ve got something for you. And better—you can rest assured that all our edible products have been made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients by brands that take your health and wellness as seriously as you do.

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Edibles FAQ's

Do edibles taste bad?

Hell no! CBD itself isn’t going to rock your world (some people say it tastes kinda earthy), but edibles are usually made with scrumptious ingredients that mask it. Of course, depending on the quality and brand of edibles, the flavor can vary, but all of our edibles here at B+F have been selected thanks to their awesome health benefits and delicious flavours, making them delicious and nutritious!

Can you make edibles with CBD oil?

Absolutely! DIY CBD edibles are becoming more and more popular. People love experimenting with CBD in their favorite recipes at home, and we understand why. Tonnes of people across Canada and The United States are getting creative with CBD oil in the kitchen; you can work the oil into your favorite meals or go all out with whatever brand new recipes tickle your fancy.

By finding a high-quality CBD oil, like the ones we have here at B+F, making CBD edibles at home is super easy and fun. There are a handful of ways to make different kinds of edibles, but baked-goods are the easiest (and tastiest).

Do edibles give you munchies?

Although CBD does come from cannabis plants, it doesn’t cause the same psychoactive effects as smoking cannabis will. This is also means that CBD doesn’t cause the munchies or any other effects associated with getting high.

Can you drive after eating an edible?

if it's a CBD edible, then yep—because it doesn’t cause a high you can take as much CBD as you like before driving. We (and the authorities) highly discourage anybody from driving under the influence of THC, no matter how much or how little is consumed. Stay responsible!

Can edibles upset your stomach?

Stomach aches, nausea and vomiting aren’t common side effects caused by CBD itself. However, these symptoms could be caused by the ingredients found in the edibles, or by users eating too many edibles. This is why it’s so important to carefully choose edibles that have ingredients you know are good for you and your body.

Are edibles good for first timers?

CBD edibles are an awesome option for beginners. They’re delicious, readily available, hassle-free and come pre-dosed and ready to be enjoyed. Beginners should always start with small doses before moving onto bigger ones.

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