EP Red Bubble Bar

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Chocolate is a luxury, so why shouldn’t it taste like one? This E/P Red bar brings together the smooth flow of milk chocolate, crunchy coated crisps and 600mg of THC to create a fun twist on a classic treat. Keep this one for yourself or share the love with your closest friends– either way, a feel good time is just around the corner. Perfect for keeping in your purse or backpack for a mid-day snack or for elevating a sunny day stroll through the park. Handmade in Montréal, this sophisticated bar is a necessary addition to your “adult’s only” candy pantry.

110g bar
600mg THC per bar
25mg THC per piece

Made from cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, enrobed cereal pearls (contains wheat, soy, dairy), soy lecithin, vanilla



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